To have these calendar functions, compile the PHP script using –enable-calender.

These calendar functions allow you to convert the date from one to another calendar. In Julian’s calendar, the count of days is not the same as it starts from January 1st, 4713 B.C and on the other hand, it is more accurate than working manually on the calendar.

cal_days_in_month()Get the number of days in a month for a specified year and calendar
cal_from_jd()Convert Julian Day Count into a date of a specified calendar
cal_info()Get information about a specified calendar
cal_to_jd()Convert date in a specified calendar to Julian Day Count
easter_date()Get the Unix timestamp for midnight on Easter of a specified year
easter_days()Get the number of days after March 21, that Easter Day is in a specified year
frenchtojd()Convert a French Republican date to a Julian Day Count
gregoriantojd()Convert Gregorian date to a Julian Day Count
jddayofweek()Get the day of the week
jdmonthname()Get a month name
jdtofrench()Convert a Julian Day Count to a French Republican date
jdtogregorian()Convert a Julian Day Count to a Gregorian date
jdtojewish()Convert a Julian Day Count to a Jewish date
jdtojulian()Convert a Julian Day Count to a Julian date
jdtounix()Convert Julian Day Count to Unix timestamp
jewishtojd()Convert a Jewish date to a Julian Day Count
juliantojd()Convert a Julian date to a Julian Day Count
unixtojd()Convert Unix timestamp to Julian Day Count
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