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Sessions and cookies in PHP


Web pages need to store the data temporarily or permanently to perform the request and response operations successfully. Almost every web development language provides sessions and cookies to store the client and server information. It is responsible for smooth experience and security. In this PHP tutorial, you will learn about PHP sessions and cookies. So, let’s dive into it. What are...

Files in PHP


Files are an important part of any application whether it’s a desktop application or a web-based application. As we are learning web development using PHP, so in this tutorial, we will learn everything about files in PHP. How to read files in PHP? PHP provides fopen() method to open and read file contents. Fopen() function is alternative of php readfile() function and is loaded with more...

Array sorting in PHP


In the previous tutorial on PHP arrays we learned about declaring and iterating indexed, associative and multi-dimensional arrays. In this article we will dig deeper into PHP array sorting. Furthermore we will discuss array related functions that will make working with arrays a lot more easy. In PHP 8, we have the following functions to sort an array. Function NameSort by ordersort() Ascending...

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