PHP md5_file() Function

PHP md5() Function
PHP metaphone() Function

what is the syntax of the MD5_FILE() function in php?

fileRequired. The file to be calculated
rawOptional. A boolean value that specifies hex or binary output format:TRUE – Raw 16 character binary formatFALSE – Default. 32 character hex number
PHP md5_file() method

examples of the MD5_FILE() function

Example 1. In this example, we calculate the MD5 hash of the text file “test.txt”.

$filename = "test.txt";
$md5file = md5_file($filename);
echo $md5file;

Example 2. In this example, we store the MD5 hash of “test.txt” in a file.

$md5file = md5_file("test.txt");
PHP md5() Function
PHP metaphone() Function

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