PHP hebrevc() Function

PHP hex2bin() Function
PHP hebrev() Function

In this article, you will learn how to work with Hebrew text. The HEBREV() function converts flow of Hebrew text from right to left to left to right. This function can also convert \n (new line) into <br> tag.

Tip: Hebrew visual text is very useful for displaying Hebrew text in the web. It does not require the Hebrew logical text conversion or special right to left character support. hebrev() and hebrevc() function can convert Hebrew logical text into visual text.

What is the syntax of the HEBREVC() function?

stringHebrew text – Required
maxcharlinehebrev() avoid breaking the words – So, this parameter specify the characters for the new line. – Optional
PHP HEBREVC() method

examples of the HEBREVC() function

Example 1. In this example, we reverse the Hebrew characters and also convert the \n new line into <br>.

echo hebrevc("� ���� �����\n� ���� �����");
PHP hex2bin() Function
PHP hebrev() Function
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