PHP date_parse_from_format() function

PHP date_offset_get() function
PHP date_sub() function

In this article, you will learn how to get detailed information about the date according to the specified format. The date_parse() function returns an associative array containing detailed information such as Day, Month, Year, Hours, Minutes, Seconds, locale, and some other parameters from the specified date in a specified format.

What is the syntax of the date_parse_from_format() function in PHP?

date_parse_from_format(format, date)
formatFormat to parse – Required
dateThe date as a string – Required
PHP date_parse_from_format() method

Examples of the date_parse_from_format() function

Example 1. In the following example, we specify the ddmmyyy format and the date to parse it using the function.


PHP date_offset_get() function
PHP date_sub() function
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