PHP array_udiff_assoc() function

PHP array_udiff() function
PHP array_splice() function

The array_udiff_assoc function compares both the keys and values of an array with the keys and values of another array or arrays and returns the difference between them.

It uses a user-defined function to compare both the keys and values. It returns an array that contains the keys and values that are present in the first array but not in the rest of the arrays.

What is the syntax of the array_udiff_assoc function in PHP?

array_udiff_assoc(array1, array2, array3, ..., myfunction)
array1The first array to compare with other arrays – required
array2Second array to make a comparison against- required
array3, ...Further arrays to compare against – optional
user-defined functionUser-defined function to compare the keys of arrays. The function must return an integer <, = or > than 0 if the first argument is <, + or > than the second argument.
array_udiff_assoc function in PHP

Examples of the array_udiff_assoc function

Example 1. Take two arrays and return the difference using a user-defined function that compares both keys and values.

function my_function($x,$y)
if ($x==$y)
  return 0;
  return ($x>$y)?1:-1;



PHP array_udiff() function
PHP array_splice() function
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